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Voice of the DBA

Welcome to the Voice of the DBA, thoughts from Steve Jones on databases, SQL Server, and life.

Jul 27, 2023

I heard a joke years ago that went something like this. When a developer gets a pull request for code review that's 100 lines long, they will open the file(s), look at the code, and ensure standards are being followed. They might run some code, they'd walk through the algorithm in their mind, and spend 10, 20, or more minutes examining how the change is built. If you give them a code review of 1000 lines, they'll just assume it's great and approve it in seconds.

I know that many developers don't find that funny. Often I meet people that think they're professional and they spend the time needed to examine the changes and ensure they work. I'm sure that many people do this often, and some people are very meticulous about their evaluation of the change. However, everyone gets busy and I know that often depending on who submitted the PR and how busy the reviewers are, the joke does reflect reality. The longer the PR, the less likely someone will either a) spend the time to carefully review it, or b) catch small mistakes.

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