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voiceofthedba's podcast

Welcome to the Voice of the DBA, thoughts from Steve Jones on databases, SQL Server, and life.

Jun 20, 2017

PostgreSQL is a popular relational database, one that was designed to be an object relational system, based on standards, and allowing for extensibility. I've always thought this was a great system, exceeding SQL Server in some ways, though falling short in others. It's popular, and certainly used enough so that Azure and Amazon Aurora include PostgreSQL compatability products.

I ran across an interesting post, where AWS has a Schema Conversion Tool that will help you migrate from Oracle to Aurora running PostgreSQL. I think this makes some sense as there are some capabilities in PostgreSQL that make moving Oracle code easy. AWS also has a Migration Service to move SQL Server to MySQL. I'm not sure how smoothly that goes, but SQL isn't a terribly complex language and perhaps the conversion isn't too bad, though I'm sure this isn't painless.

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