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voiceofthedba's podcast

Welcome to the Voice of the DBA, thoughts from Steve Jones on databases, SQL Server, and life.

Aug 5, 2016

I saw a note from someone that had a database set up in a High Availability (HA) configuration for production. This person had received an 823 error on the primary server, but a failover hadn't occurred. This wasn't a critical error, but one that noted some anomolies in a few pages, which potentially could be fixed by the automatic page repair in SQL Server. 

In this case, the individual would have liked to have had the system fail over, just in case there were a chance this would impact production. To make this happen, an alert on the error would be needed, which then forced a failover. This wasn't part of the native SQL Server configuration, and this individual was concerned. However, there are certainly cases where a failover might not be warranted when there is some sort of reaction such as Automatic Page Repair. 

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